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Mark E. Geres,

PM by Design Canada, Inc.

 Located in Canada's National Capital Region, Ottawa-Gatineau 



Project Management Officer/Analyst

Open to Project Management Support & Oversight Job Opportunities:

  • Project Execution and Delivery | Tactical Project Management
  • Project Portfolio Office | Strategic Project Management
  • Employee, Contractor or Subcontractor
  • Full Time, Part Time, Indeterminate, Temporary



I Prefer Business Projects;  Operations, Service Delivery, Marketing & Supply Chain

Business projects are projects that are intended to achieve defined business objectives and are aligned with an organization’s business strategy.

"There is no such thing as an ‘IT project’. There are only business projects with an IT component.”—June Drewry, CIO of Chubb Corp., InfoWorld, 2006



A Summary of My Personal Characteristics

I am an instinctive organizer, who can both create and maintain systems. Precise, detail-oriented and conscientiousI take great pride in being accurate and correct. I ask important questions and talk about problems that could hold up projects. I am a "do it yourself" manager who maintains focus on tasks and will see something through until it's finished. I emphasize quality, think logically, and strive for a diplomatic approach and consensus within groups. Because I focus on the details and often see what many others do not, I tend to be a good problem solver and very creative. I think very analytically and systematically, and make decisions carefully with plenty of research and information to back it up. I have very high standards for both myself and others. I bring perspective to groups and tend to be the "anchor of reality" in team thought. When something is proposed, I will think through every detail of how it works and the process. I will make realistic estimates and will voice the problems that I see with the plan or already existing system. I am conscientious and even-tempered. I will complete tasks I've committed to and will be very thorough. I take great pride in doing my work accurately and am excellent at analyzing, researching, or testing information.



My Ideal Workplace

I like an environment where tasks and projects can be followed through to completion, and especially excel in specialized or technical tasks due to my attention to detail. I feel most safe when there is procedure and routine, and when given instructions and reassurance that I am doing what is expected of me. I desire independence and autonomy, but also a controlled and organized work environment.

"Innovation is not a slogan, or a cliché; it’s a way of working. It’s an attitude of enthusiasm and curiosity. It’s about observing what we currently do and wondering how it can be done better."— Ed Bernacki




Project Management by Design—According to Plan; By Intention

 Adaptable, trainable and trustworthy—with a good knowledge-base of tactical and strategic project management theory, frameworks, techniques, methodologies, foundational standards, practice standards and good/approved best practices.

Well-trained & accredited, having earned PMP®, MoP® - Portfolio Management Practitioner, PRINCE2® Project Management Practitioner and ITIL® IT Service Management-Foundation certifications.

GC Level II (SECRET) clearance | Proficient in both official languages ─ Bilingual English/French GC Level CBB 



A Project's Success

A project's success is measured by product and project quality, timeliness, budget compliance, and degree of customer & stakeholders' satisfaction.

I really enjoy supporting people and organizations who strive to optimize their tactical and strategic business projects.

I can help to strike a balance, to find and deliver to your organization's sweet spot.




Four years of post-secondary studies, including Project Management—PMI® PMBOK-based; Marketing Management; Business Administration; Computer Programming and Networks; and the Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM®) formerly APICS®, CPIM Production & Inventory Management at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology and CÉGEP (collège d'enseignement général et professionnel).


Fifteen+ years of diverse work experience—with both private and public-sector organizations. Business projects with information and communication technology, systems, organizational processes, project offices, manufacturing, operations & supply chain.


Growing stakeholders' commitment and engagement—delivering projects on time and within budget and scope requires more than the ability to apply project management processes and techniques. It also takes soft skills which address the human side of projects. After all, it’s the people who deliver the work, not the tools.


Servant leadership is my philosophy—sharing power, putting the needs of employees first and helping people develop and perform as highly as possible.


My value propositions—the three Es can be a starting point: economic, effectiveness and efficiency benefits.


For example, client retention and generating repeat revenue, profitability—making sure that revenue stays ahead of the costs of doing business, and reduction in employee turnover costs—maintaining a productive and positive workplace environment that improves employee retention!


An individual of refreshing candor, an exceptionally conscientious practitioner/specialist who works honorably and with dedication; I foster project management success—by design. Continuous learning and putting knowledge into action are hallmarks of my work! Speaking "truth to power" is important to me. I believe that effective enterprise/corporate-level management oversight and governance require me to be transparent, honest and fair at all times.


Mark E. Geres | Ph: 1.819.827.2558

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