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PMBOK® Guide 7th ed. authors suggest that both project life cycle & development approach selection are project aspects that can be tailored. Noteworthy is the authors’ insight provided in section 2.3.6 Aligning Of Delivery Cadence, Development Approach, and Life Cycle.


Understanding the Power Dynamic at Work—A Project Management Practitioner's Perspective

Posted 4/16/2017

Power—the ability to exercise authority or influence. I believe that one concept that many PM practitioners fail to consider as we move into leadership roles is how we build and use power effectively. Understanding power dynamics in our workplaces can help us to avoid pitfalls and impediments!

From my own personal journey on  the " Road of Hard Knocks" and occupational/hands-on studies at the " University of Life" I've come to realize that to be successful in achieving our goals as a PM, we all need to understand power, learn when to use it—and yes, even " how to build or overcome a shortage of it".

Noteworthy too is that resolving workplace conflicts—or even exacerbating them—lies in the balance of power and how it’s used.

Power becomes problematic, however, when it isn’t balanced. When a person or group has too much or too little power, team dynamics suffer and conflict is likely to arise. (i.e. workplace bullying)

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